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Why risk management matters

I am often asked when I carry out governance reviews why I place so much emphasis on the charity's attitude to and assessment of risk....

What next for the Charity sector

When Orlando Fraser, the Chair of The Charity Commission makes a key note speech it's always worth a read to get a great perspective on...

Making the most of your Trustees

Recently, one of our directors facilitated a two-day meeting to formulate a new strategy for an international charity. The first day was...

How effective is your Grant Funding?

Followers of our LinkedIn page will know we've recently been sharing our views about Grant Funding. In response to numerous requests,...

What's a Golden Thread?

Now here's the thing. We pride ourselves on delivering a brilliant client experience using and sharing our extensive skills and...

We're back!

So here's some great news. In The Round Advisors has successfully delivered its first post pandemic major review for a national...

It's good to talk

In the first of a new series, In The Round Advisors directors Sue Thorn and Ian Crocombe talk about how to bring Continuous Improvement...

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