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Are you really training your Trustees?

When we read a set of charity accounts, we will always read the Trustees' report first and don't just look at the figures. The reason is that a trustees report mostly gives a real insight into the charity and not always in a positive light.

Most of the time but not always there will be a small paragraph telling us that the trustees have either undergone some formal training or more often than not, have undergone some sort of induction process which includes giving them some documentation to read which may or may not include some booklet or other issued by the charity commission.

Are we being cynical when we say that we doubt its effectiveness? Not when one of the first duties of a trustee is to ensure that proper accounts are prepared and on a timely basis. The number of substantial charities (and by that, I mean those who are required to have an independent examination or audit) that file the accounts late or file accounts just before the filing deadline at the Charity Commission would shock you as would the standard of the information that is supplied. Over 13,000 charities filed their information late last year and that was when extensions had been available and that is without including those which were filed in the last possible month.

If that is a sample of the standard of training that trustees get, then they are certainly not taking their responsibilities seriously. Remember that trustees are liable for charity failings. Remember it is a criminal offence not to provide annual documents when required by the Charity Commission. So, ask yourself this question; if we can't get the simple thing of filing accounts and annual returns right, what else is wrong and thus, is my training adequate?

If that is a question you are asking yourself, why not telephone us on 0116 478 2871 or email; and one of our directors would be happy to discuss your concerns and see how we can assist you to put your mind at rest

We work with charities of all sizes both local and national and would be happy to have a no obligation initial meeting either online or in person.

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