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Problem solving for charities

When was the last time you had to deal with an issue / problem / crisis? Bet it wasn't too long ago!

It doesn't matter so much what its called - it'll be an interruption to the things you should be doing to achieve your charitable objectives.

The disruptions may be of differing magnitudes for sure but it'll still cost you time, money and effort to sort things out. And remember the distraction can often have knock on effects way beyond the here and now issue / problem / crisis.

So, based on our experience of getting through many disruptions, here's an easy to follow process to not just effectively deal with the here and now but also to minimise the chances of it happening again.

Feel free to download and use.

If we can help develop your resilience to disruptions, then just let us know.

In The Round Problem Solving
Download PDF • 259KB

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