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In The Round and me - Sue's story

Why I joined In the Round

I’ve been a consultant for nearly ten years now, working alone, providing a pretty rounded service to associations and societies, primarily medical and scientific ones, although not always. I can advise them about most aspects of association life: governance, strategy, publishing (a major revenue earner for many learned societies), events, membership … but there are inevitably times when I’d value a different viewpoint or piece of experience to draw on.

Elliot and I have worked in collaboration for many years. Elliot was the senior accountant responsible for the charity of which I was CEO for many years, and we worked well together – we both have a pragmatic outlook and a quirky sense of humour. We continued to keep in touch when I set up my consultancy and I’ve drawn on Elliot’s accountancy expertise a number of times. I wasn’t particularly looking for a bigger collaboration, but when Elliot mentioned the concept of In the Round and introduced me to Rachel and Ian, I was intrigued enough to meet up.

I’m now really enthused by the concept of In the Round, for two main reasons. First, my co-directors have a wealth of experience and expertise that is very different from mine – different kinds of charities, larger commercial businesses, different spheres of activity – and that’s really exciting to be able to draw on. It’s also great to share ideas and discussion and to be part of a team of like-minded (but differently-thinking) people. I’m looking forward to working together with Elliot, Ian and Rachel on future projects.

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