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In The Round and me - Rachel's story

Just ask..

I’ve always said that no business is an island…..and you can’t have the answers to everything. Equally, sometimes you just don’t know what you don’t know.

How can you, if no one ever asks you the question, and how can you ever know it all?

This is where networking is vital, and I have been very lucky to be part of many such groups (current and in the past). It was at one of these very networking groups that I first met Elliot, who like me had an avid interest in supporting charities and a passion for making a difference.

Elliot saw the value of combining knowledge, taking good practice from the business world and adapting it to suit charitable organisations – and vice versa. We worked together on a couple of occasions (Elliot’s knowledge of the financial intricacies of a charity is an art form), and it was clear we had a unique proposition to help charities navigate a wider strategy to build robust foundations.

Elliot introduced me to Ian and Sue, who he had found shared our beliefs about an all-encompassing offer – being able to draw upon other experts to answer the questions we did not know. Surely this was the perfect way forward?

We took the step to create In the Round Advisors – a purpose-built vehicle to pool that knowledge and create a sound offer to charities. We can discuss financial, governance, fundraising/income generation, leadership, continuous improvement and strategy to create a fully integrated approach built on strengths yet tackling gaps. Our approach highlights opportunities, producing a practical way forward using a golden thread that underpins what your charity is all about. We can ensure all parts of the organisation are working together, in harmony, to serve your charitable purpose and navigate the testing economic climate.

Whilst our own separate businesses are continuing, we are forging a second new path together – because there is strength in company…and our company can help your charity to be stronger.

So. Just ask….

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