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In The Round and me - Ian's story

It started with a chat…

I’ve been asked a number of times why the creation of In The Round Advisors matters so much to me.

The thing is, sometimes you just stumble upon precisely the right thing to do at a time when that right thing is critically needed.

Our DNA at In The Round Advisors, is made up of joined up thinking and it started with a chat.

My now co-director, Elliot Harris and I are members of the UK Business Advisors network (UKBA). Over a period of several months we exchanged experiences - Elliot, a chartered accountant with deep knowledge of charities and me being a corporate change and continuous improvement specialist.

We both had roles as charity Trustees and spend a fair bit of time volunteering in various ways.

It was when we spoke in more detail about our skill sets. professional qualifications and the ways in which we might choose to use them - both of us having moved into our later career choices of self employment - that the penny dropped.

We had seen so much focussed, linear, methodology driven thinking, so many unintended consequences and disengaged people arising from well intentioned change, when the answer became clear.

Organisations are complex. They are a combination of tangible things (places, people, technology and so on) and intangible things (knowledge, experiences and emotions) and unless you consider them in a joined up way (in the round even!), unless you understand the causes and effects of each of those components on the other, then any advice or guidance runs the risk of being incomplete.

I suppose our inclination towards the value created by the Third Sector made the choice of market easy.

Identifying the gaps in our skills and experiences to properly think in the round, led to the vast experience of Sue Thorn and the award winning Rachel Hayward joining the collaboration that became In The Round Advisors.

A group of like minded people who want to help and perhaps more importantly share their knowledge, means we have a culture closely aligned to the best of the charity sector and a clear passion for getting things done.

In The Round Advisors matter to me. This is a choice I’ve made (and one shared with my co-directors) for my second career and anyone who knows me will understand that once there’s a plan in my head, it gets delivered.

We are open for business.

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