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If you want different outcomes, you need to think differently

RSPCA to make up to 300 redundancies

60 redundancies planned at Breast Cancer Now

Oxfam funding crisis puts 200 UK jobs at risk

The Alzheimers Society is expecting to have to make up to 300 redundancies

It seems there are headlines like these every few days and for the people affected by them and for those making such huge decisions, it's a horrible time.

It's not just the 'mega charities' that are having to rein in their spending. Smaller organisations are having to look really hard at what they do and if they can afford to continue doing it post pandemic.

There is an obvious attraction to approaching cost savings from a broad brush perspective - 'reducing costs by 20% across the board'. It's easy to understand, often quick to achieve and in the short term might help stem the tide. In the longer term however, there may be unintended outcomes and further reductions needed.

At In The Round Advisors, we see charities differently. That's not to say we can provide a magic wand to avoid the pain of redundancies or obviate the need for any cost savings. It's more a way of approaching and thinking through the options that might mitigate the impacts and make the outcomes more effective and sustainable.

We see organisations as combinations of tangible and intangible assets (buildings, people, technology, knowledge, processes, experience and so on) that interact to produce outcomes - a bit like an ecosystem.

Changing one thing in that ecosystem will affect one or more other parts and it's how you think through your options 'in the round' that may well take you along a different path and may change the shape and scale of your changes to improve efficiency while maintaining your services and achieving your charitable purpose.

For example, a small change in your charity's direction will have implications for:

1 what you need to be good at to achieve your purpose

2 how you do what you do to meet your objectives

3 how and what you measure and review as part of your governance

4 how you communicate, engage and involve people

5 what you train people to do

There are any number of permutations depending on where you make changes, but don't worry, we've developed a simple way of helping you work through your options and we're on hand to help make the ensuing changes as effective as possible.

From strategic review through to detailed delivery, joined up thinking is what we do.

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