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Continuous Improvement for Charities

Shortly before the lockdown, we delivered our first 'Introduction to Continuous Improvement' workshop.

As the pandemic has progressed, I've reflected on the relevance of doing lots of things 1% better, using the experience of trustees, employees and volunteers to figure out how to be more efficient and effective and how to engage with service users and beneficiaries to understand and improve their experience of interacting with charities.

I've also thought about how this workshop can be used to introduce cross charity collaboration, which we have all at In The Round Advisors commented on recently.

The outcome of these reflections is that, if anything, continuous improvement is more relevant, timely and cost effective than ever as a means of navigating out of pandemic into the 'new normal'. A view reinforced by feedback from the most senior attendee at the workshop:

“Ian delivered a session that the whole team engaged with and immediately recognised ways we could ‘be better’.  The style encouraged the team to feel informed, but also in control themselves of how we can improve what we do.  We’ve identified ways already that colleagues could do things in more effective ways and we’ll take the tools away to keep asking ourselves the right questions.  Not bad from a morning workshop!” 

Rob Fountain, CEO, Age UK Gloucestershire.

We're here to help. Even if right now, a call or videoconference is the best option to start thinking continuous improvement, we have to believe the current constraints will reduce in a way that will allow controlled, small gatherings to take place and that's when we can be on the ground, bringing this key capability to life with you.

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