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Charity Strategic Planning Meeting


Expert Guidance

Strategic planning is so important, yet across many charities, in our experience, strategic reviews are often superficial.

It's not enough to just have a quick look at the existing mission, vision and values and republish.

The purpose of a strategic review in the round is, of course, to consider why your charity exists, what it is going to achieve and how the behaviours and practices of your charity will enable it to meet its aims. 

But in addition, it's vital to consider the broader Third Sector environment, its key trends and challenges, to really check the resources you have (people, premises, IT and knowledge for example) and how they are deployed, to deeply understand the needs of service users and then to make decisions about what this means in terms of your charity's processes, capabilities and organisational design.

This often takes the form of a Charity SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats).

The final part of any strategic review is the execution plan. The communication with and engagement of all the people that are both working / volunteering for your charity, as well as those who will interact with it, perhaps as suppliers or service users.

Strategic reviews and strategic planning are big deals for any charity. They don't take place that often but when they do, it's so important they are well constructed, managed and executed.

That's where In The Round Advisors can help. We have extensive experience of strategic thinking and doing, we are expert facilitators and as the strategic review comes to life, our change and planning expertise will ensure your vision, your ambition and your objectives stand the very best chance of success.

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