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Charity Operational Meeting


Keeping you future ready

Charities can be complex.

The environment in which charities operate is volatile, uncertain and ambiguous. The resulting demands on Trustees, Senior Management and the employees and volunteers of a charity to keep it working, thriving and future ready involves many spinning plates.

There are a number of key capabilities any charity needs. Here's our take on what they are:

The way In which In The Round Advisors help develop these capabilities is a bit different.

We don't view any of these actual or emerging strengths in isolation. In real life, the edges between them are endlessly blurred, the reliance between one capability and another is always there and often changing. We view things in the round

Looked at isolation, you will get unexpected or unwanted outcomes; looked at as a sort of ecosystem you get a more natural blend of inputs which give rise to more predictable outputs - the charity's performance, the engagement of its' people, the best service experience.

In The Round Advisors are different because we spend the time understanding the totality of your charity, the things that make it work, the relationships between your key capabilities. In that way, the plans to take your charity forward are more easily understood, more engaging and more likely to succeed.

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